Learn about the History Society and the University of Auckland

The University of Auckland History Society is a student-led group dedicated to promoting the interests of history students on-campus and encouraging more students towards studying history. We’re active in the classroom, working with lecturers and students to provide resources and support. You’ll also find us in schools and online providing useful information and guidance to current and prospective history students.

  • We want more students to take history.

  • We want those students already taking history to come away from every paper thinking that their time was not wasted.

  • We want great history students to keep studying history.

  • We want all students to have the resources they need to make history more than just another subject.

  • We want to create a culture around history at UoA that will outlast us and build the basis for an ongoing student organisation.

  • On-Campus Advocacy: We actively work to oversee history students’ interests representing them and running engagement programs with the aim of working towards a more involved student culture.

  • Academic Support: As part of our mission to help history students, we aim to provide useful resources and guides to assist them with their studies. Take a look at the department’s publication of model essays Histeria! and the history coursework guide.

  • Events: Being a history student is pretty great, and whether you are the type who likes to compare great reads, ace pub quizzes or discover new cultures, our events provide a great space to interact with like-minded people.

  • Off-Campus Outreach: We’re passionate about history, and want to spread that passion throughout the community. As such, we spend a lot of time throughout the year visiting secondary schools and talking to students about studying history.

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White Noise

Tess Mazey-Richardson



Caitlin Moffat-Young

Vice President

Caitlin is currently in her third year of a BA majoring in English and History. Her research interests are predominantly focused on New Zealand history.

Camille Ayn Jameson



Scott Yang


Scott is a fourth year BA/LLB student majoring in History, Politics and International Relations. His research interest is the relationship between religion and sexuality in medieval Europe.

White Noise

Emma Wordsworth

Schools Outreach Coordinator

Emma is a current Masters in History student. She wrote her Honours dissertation on the International Socialist Women's movement in early twentieth-century Europe.

Michaela Selway

Communications Manager

Michaela is a current Masters in History student who is writing her thesis about the religious motivations underpinning five medieval chronicles.

Tom Wilkinson

General Representative

Tom is a current MA History student. His research interests centre around Cold War international relations and cultural developments.

Andrew Fu

General Representative


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