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Welcome Back to University - Semester 2

Welcome back to University! Or if you are no longer at university, or maybe you never were, welcome back to the blog and podcast!

It has certainly been a while since we posted on the blog. We are really sorry - but it was an unprecedented time for everyone and it just did not happen!

We have some exciting content coming up for you - see below to see a list of interesting things to look forward to. We would also love for you to contribute! One of our ambitions in starting this blog was to give students and academics alike the opportunity to present their work. If you have a topic that interests you or you would like to collaborate on a blog with us, let us know. We have a number of blog posts and podcasts planned that require multiple points of view, so we would love it if you would join in the conversation.

On a final note, things are going to be strange coming back to campus after such a long time off. Remember to prioritize your health (mental as well as physical) by easing back into university life. Buy yourself a planner and write out all of your due dates so they don’t come as a surprise. Plan to get to university 30 minutes before your first class so that if you miss your bus you still have time. Start your readings early. And most importantly, make sure you get to class! We all say that we will catch up on the recordings and then we never do!

If you want some inspiration, we have a number of resources on the blog and podcast to get you back into the university groove. If you want our tips on how to prepare for university after a long break, click here. Alternatively, you could listen to our discussion on this topic here. Perhaps you want some help finding your academic writing voice - be sure to click here.

Finally, we wanted to say thank you for sticking around. We appreciate your support, whether through your donation to the History Society or your devotion to reading our blogs and listening to our podcasts. We look forward to bringing you more exciting content this semester!

The Tahuhu Korero team.

Posts to look forward to:

  • Why you should learn another language

  • Women in Science Part 4 (Ada Lovelace)

  • Why Australia did not get a treaty

  • The Queen’s birthday - and why we don’t celebrate it on the actual day

  • Reviews on public history mediums

  • Why you should study history at the University of Auckland

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